Adventures in Peace (Corps)


Xoş Gəlmisiniz (Welcome)! I am a Peace Corps volunteer serving as a community economic development advisor in Xaçmazç Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is a small country on the Caspian Sea, to the north of Iran, the east of Georgia and Armenia, and the south of Russia. As customary in Azerbaijan, I recommend you grab a piping hot cup of tea, a sugar cube to sweeten it with, sit down in a comfortable chair and enjoy the read.

I also have a photo blog called 277 Pictures (that’s how many days were left in the year when I started the blog). Everyday, I along with hundreds and possibly even thousands of others, post a new picture all with the attempt to chronicle a day in the life, get to know our cameras better, and have a little fun.

As a side note (I have to say this) this blog represents the musings of my mind. It is in no way the opinion of the Peace Corps or that of the USA, or the country I will be serving in. It is a space for me to wax poetic and just keep in touch. Enjoy the read!


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