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Şora (Shora) a Savory Treat

A couple of weeks ago Arzu made a savory danish-like food called şora. Şora is commonly sold all over Xaçmaz, and maybe even Azerbaijan, so when she told me that she was making it I didn’t give it a second thought. She prepared the dough just like she would for the freshly baked bread that she makes every other day by letting it rise for a couple of hours, then punching it down, then letting it rise again, and punching it down. Just before the final punch down, furniture in the living room started to be rearranged. Chairs around the dining table were moved out of the way. A special oil cloth was brought out to cover the table with, along with a board to roll out the dough. The ladies of the house (Arzu had a relative over. Not just any relative, but an expert şora maker) covered their heads with schmatas, and for the next 3 hours stood around the table talking about this and that, watching TV, and preparing şora.

Did any of you see Monsoon Wedding? You know the scene when all the women are hanging out under the pagoda singing and having the pre wedding henna party? That was my favorite scene from the whole movie, and that is kind of what watching these ladies make şora was like. I felt like I got to witness a tradition that has been passed down from mother to child since I don’t know when, and I got to capture it all on film. Gəl (come), let me show you.

Divide the dough.

Rolling the dough

Slapping the dough on the rolling board


Pot of Melted Butter & First layer of dough

Rolling the Layers

Cut Bowls




Final Product